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37.5% / 70cl / France
Includes engraving £ 9.99
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Personalised Ciroc Apple Vodka 70cl

Personalised Ciroc Apple Vodka 70cl engraved bottle Engraved text on a bottle of Personalised Ciroc Apple Vodka 70cl

When giving a Personalised Ciroc Apple Vodka as a gift, you are showing that you have great taste in vodka, and well, that the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree with your friend's own excellent taste.

Delight them with their favourite flavour and with an even more delightful personalised engraved message that you leave for them on the bottle itself. This top-shelf flavoured vodka a perfect present that serves as a personalised birthday gift, showing that you do pay attention to what they enjoy.

Created in France using a 5-step distillation process, Ciroc has perfected their methods of vodka-making since their beginnings over a decade ago to produce only the finest, most celebrated vodka on the market.

Taste Notes

It features a very bright, clean vodka base infused with a delectable, juicy green apple overtone. This drink finishes out with a silky smooth texture unlike any other.

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