Engraved Kings Ginger Liqueur, The Ideal Gift for Liqueur Lover, Message Engraved Directly onto Bottle, The Perfect Present for any King
41% / 50cl / England
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Personalised Kings Ginger Liqueur 50cl

Personalised Kings Ginger Liqueur 50cl engraved bottle Engraved text on a bottle of Personalised Kings Ginger Liqueur 50cl

If you are looking a special sort of spirit for a particularly special occasion, then a personalised bottle of Kings Ginger is certain to fit the bill admirably. It is a high-strength liqueur that is created by carefully macerating ginger root. With the addition of a little bit of lemon oil to provide that unmistakable citrus lift, this is a drink that is sure to intrigue and delight any lover of unusual spirits.

The first bottles of the kings Ginger were the work of the Berry Brothers, who in 1903 found their work commissioned by the royal physician, in order to help stimulate King Edward VII while he went for a morning drive in his motor-car.

With the help of our specialised laser-engraving equipment, your bottle of personalised Kings Ginger is sure to be even more special. Simply compose a message, and we will etch it onto the side of the glass, thereby creating a keepsake that will be treasured long after you have enjoyed the delicious liquor inside.

Tasting Notes

Right from the nose, you will get a warming combination of ginger, syrup and zesty lemon. These flavours develop in the palate, getting tarter and warming. The finish is satisfying and extremely long.

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