Engraved Makers Mark Bourbon, Permanent Laser Engraving, Add any Message to Bottle, The Ideal Gift for Any Whiskey Lover
45% / 70cl / America
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Personalised Makers Mark Bourbon Whiskey 70cl

Personalised Makers Mark Bourbon Whiskey 70cl engraved bottle Engraved text on a bottle of Personalised Makers Mark Bourbon Whiskey 70cl

If you're looking for a gift that'll really mark a special occasion, then a personalised bottle of Maker's Mark is certain to fit the bill. It's a traditional Kentucky-style bourbon which offers premium-quality flavour, and which is fast rising in popularity on this side of the Atlantic. Your bottle will be even more special once you've gotten it engraved with a special message. Just let us know what you'd like that message to be, and our laser-engraving team will take care of the rest!

Maker's mark is aged using barrels which have been charred for forty seconds. This helps to open the wood's pores, and caramelises some of its sugars, which in turn imparts an added depth of flavour to the drink as it matures. This bourbon is double-distilled in enormous copper tanks, helping create a palate that's smooth, refined, and great for sipping.

Tasting Notes

There's a strong aroma of woody oak and caramel prevailing in the nose, while vanilla and fruity flavours come in for the body. The finish is subtle and smooth, making this a bourbon that's great for sipping!

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