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Personalised Paddy Irish Whiskey 70cl

Personalised Paddy Irish Whiskey 70cl engraved bottle Engraved text on a bottle of Personalised Paddy Irish Whiskey 70cl

A bottle of personalised Paddy Irish whiskey is sure to make a fantastic gift for anyone with a passion for quality Irish whiskey. It's been distilled three times from barley and water of the highest quality, which helps to ensure an excellent balance and lightness. Thanks to its low pot-still content, and high proportion of malt, this is a soft whiskey that'll go down well.

In the 20s and 30s, whiskey in Ireland was supplied to wholesalers, who in turn supplied it to publicans. This presented an opportunity for mischief, with middle-men diluting the casks and scooping up the resulting profit. That's what led the paddy company to be the first in Ireland to bottle their product.

You'll be able to ensure that your bottle is as unique and cherished as can be with the help of a laser-engraved inscription. Decide on a personal message and we'll etch it onto the glass using our special hardware!

Tasting Notes

You'll find notes of flowers and cereal grains in the nose, which is fresh and oily. The palate gets sweeter, with abundant notes of toffee and cereal, along with rosewater and butterscotch. The finish offers a little black pepper and oak.

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