Engraved Soberano Reserva 5, Perfect Brandy Gift for any Occasion, Add your own Special Message for Engraving

36% / 70cl / Spain
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Personalised Soberano Reserva 5 Brandy 70cl

Personalised Soberano Reserva 5 Brandy 70cl engraved bottle Engraved text on a bottle of Personalised Soberano Reserva 5 Brandy 70cl

A bottle of personalised Soberano Reserva 5 is sure to please anyone with an appreciation for high-quality brandy. it's been created in Spain, following a prolonged maturation in American oak casks. This helps to deliver a mature flavour profile that you will return to again and again!

Providing a smooth flavour profile that works brilliantly over ice, this brandy is much-loved in its homeland and beyond. it's named after the unique fivefold aging process it undergoes, with each stage providing an additional layer of complexity. What more could a discerning brandy-lover ask for?

If you would like to make your bottle even more special, then why not augment it with a unique engraving? All you need do is think up a suitable message, and we will etch it into the glass using our special laser-powered hardware. After that, it will serve as a unique memento long into the future!

Tasting Notes

This brandy provides delicate aroma, followed by a sweet, smooth and full body that is packed with notes of oak and mixed nuts. you will get complex grape notes running throughout.

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