Engraved Stolichnaya Blue Label Vodka, Perfect Premium Vodka Gift, Message Engraved Directly onto Bottle, Ideal for any Celebration

50% / 70cl / Russia
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Personalised Stolichnaya Blue Label Vodka 70cl

Personalised Stolichnaya Blue Label Vodka 70cl engraved bottle Engraved text on a bottle of Personalised Stolichnaya Blue Label Vodka 70cl

For drinkers with a passion for authentic Russian vodka, there could be few gifts better than a bottle of personalised Stolichnaya. The famous distillery's blue-label 100-proof offering captures the essence of Russia vodka, and is geared towards drinkers who prefer their vodka extra-smooth, but packing a definite bite.

This vodka is exceptionally strong without compromising on burn. At 50%ABV, it isn't for the faint of heart, but you will get exceptional smoothness, particularly when you are enjoying your drink ice cold. Half-an-hour or so in the freezer prior to drinking will provide just the required chill!

If you would like to make your bottle of Stolichnaya extra-special, then consider adding a custom engraving. We will be able to use our laser-engraving hardware to turn your bottle into a keepsake that's tailor-made for the person you are buying for, just let us know what you would like your message to be, and we will get to work straight away!

Tasting Notes

This wheat-based vodka provides just the required combination of kick and class. Despite being much stronger than its red-label cousin, this is a drink that is wonderfully smooth, particularly when served chilled.

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