Image Engraving

Image engraving

Create beautifully bespoke and unique gifts by adding an image, or logo onto your chosen bottle.

Photo engraving creates a perfect opportunity to capture a special memory, to recreate a funny moment, or present your brand Icon or logo onto a bottle of your choice.

It is the customers responsibility to check any legal restrictions and the quality and if the photo is suitable for engraving


Which Images are Suitable?

You must own the rights to be able to recreate the image legally. Professional photographs such as those taken at a wedding or baby photo shoots are generally copyright material and you will need to seek permission from the person or company who has taken the images to ensure you can use the image for engraving.

Which Logos are Suitable?

Just like images, any logos, crests, badges, and artwork may have a copyright and be registered as trademarks. The majority of professional and some amateur club-crests will be covered by copyright which cannot be recreated without a licence.

Please be sure to leave your business name and department within the company if applicable so we can verify your identity.

Terms & Conditions

  • Only send images, logos, and artwork that you own the rights to.
  • The final image engraving quality and detail that can be seen is largely dependent on the original photo quality.
  • Bottles containing darker spirits or darker glass have a better image engrave outcome than clear glass with lighter spirits
  • We recommend the silver engraving colour for image and logo engraving
  • Image formats: png, jpg, 2000px 2000px.
  • Please make sure you send the largest possible resolution image to maximise the engraving quality.
  • The photo engrave will be focused on the main subject of the photo to bring about the best results, if you require any specific details to be included in the engraving please get in touch after placing your order.
  • Black and white photographs can be used for engraving
  • Avoid sending images that contain large areas of light or dark, where the photo has poor contrast, or where the image is blurry or has a low amount of detail.
  • Our dedicated technician will advise if the image is suitable and may ask for other images to achieve a better- engraved outcome. Unfortunately during busy times we can not always stop production and contact customers about individual photos.
  • Please note the image may be cropped, and backgrounds may be removed to get the best possible outcome for the image.
  • If you have any specific details from the background or from the photograph that you would like to keep, please notify Engrave Drinks in advance or as your order is placed.
  • We reserve the right to refuse engraving of explicit or offensive messages.

Get in touch with us today and ask about image engraving, our engraving technician will contact you back. Typical cost of image engraving is £24.99 plus the bottle price

Please be sure to leave your business name and department within the company if applicable so we can verify your identity.

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