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40% / 70cl / Sweden
Includes engraving £ 9.99
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Personalised Absolut Vanilla Vodka 70cl

Personalised Absolut Vanilla Vodka 70cl engraved bottle Engraved text on a bottle of Personalised Absolut Vanilla Vodka 70cl

A Personalised Absolut Vanilla Vodka bottle makes a great gift for those who enjoy mixing their vodka with their coffee, tea or carbonated beverage. With its distinct vanilla flavour, this personalised vodka gift will go a long way to show you know what your friend enjoys drinking. And you can send a special message directly onto the bottle with our laser engraving service.

Crafted from timeless distillation methods that have been perfected over the years, Absolut Vanilla is a rich 40 percent ABV vodka that holds onto its roots in Sweden and uses only natural, Swedish-grown grains and flavourings whose growing process has been perfected for your enjoyment.

Taste Notes

This drink features a powerful, prominent vanilla overtone. Included in its flavour profile are hints of rich butterscotch with notes of dark chocolate undertones for a smooth, delectable finish.

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