Engraved Johnnie Walker Blue Label, Ideal Personalised Bourbon Gift, Any message Etched onto Glass
40% / 70cl / Scotland
Includes engraving £ 9.99
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Personalised Johnnie Walker Blue Label Whisky 70cl

Personalised Johnnie Walker Blue Label Whisky 70cl engraved bottle Engraved text on a bottle of Personalised Johnnie Walker Blue Label Whisky 70cl

A personalised bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label is guaranteed to make an impact when presented as a gift - if the person you're buying for knows their whisky, then they'll appreciate just how special an item this is. It's among the most prestigious drinks available from one of the world's most prestigious brands - and its taste pays testament to its pedigree.

Johnnie Walker Blue is an unparalleled blend, comprising some of the most rare and exceptional whiskies in all of Scotland. Only one in ten-thousand casks is judged as having the right flavour and character to provide the elusive taste that the Blue label demands, and thus this is a drink that should be reserved only for the most special of occasions.

With the aid of our special laser-engraving facilities, we'll be able to provide your bottle with an extra-special twist. Just let us know the message you'd like to immortalise, and we'll carve it into the glass, creating a bespoke keepsake that'll be treasured long after the last of the whisky has been drained.

Tasting Notes

This whisky provides a sensory experience, taking the drinker through hints of sherry, hazelnut, honey and orange, and then ginger, kumquats, dark chocolate and pepper. An odyssey of taste in every sip!

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