Engraved Edgerton Blue Spice Gin, The Ideal Gift for any Gin Lover, Any Message Etched Directly onto Bottle, The Perfect Bespoke Present
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Personalised Edgerton Blue Spice Gin 70cl

Personalised Edgerton Blue Spice Gin 70cl engraved bottle Engraved text on a bottle of Personalised Edgerton Blue Spice Gin 70cl

A personalised bottle of Edgerton Blue Spice Gin makes for a great gift for just about any occasion. It is the follow-up to Edgertons famous Pink gin, with this offering said to be earthier and subtler than the sweet flavour of the pink gin. That said, you will find the same complexity that made its cousin so popular represented here in the blue gin.

A total of seventeen different botanicals went into the creation of this gin, which has been triple-distilled to provide a balanced and complex character. It is a gin that is scooped up a stream of plaudits since it was first launched, with all seven judges at the Spirit Business Awards presenting it with a gold medal.

To make your bottle of Edgerton Blue all the more special, you will want to have it laser-engraved with a message that is personal to you. That way, it will serve as an enduring keepsake for years.

Tasting Notes

you will find a hint of lavender and citrus on the nose, with spices and black pepper providing depth to the palate. Cardamom and fenugreek creep in as the flavours evolve, and the finish is long and spicy.

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