Engraved Maxime Trijol Classic XO Cognac, The Ideal Maxime Trijol Cognac Gift, Message Engraved Directly onto Glass, The Perfect Bespoke Present
40% / 70cl / France
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Personalised Maxime Trijol Classic XO Cognac 70cl

Personalised Maxime Trijol Classic XO Cognac 70cl engraved bottle Engraved text on a bottle of Personalised Maxime Trijol Classic XO Cognac 70cl

For those in search of a gift for a cognac-lover, a bottle personalised Maxime Trijol XO classic is sure to be eminently suitable. It's sourced from the famous Grand and Petite Champagne region of France, where the soil is chalky and fine, and provides an excellent base from which to grow amazing grapes.

The grapes here are hand-picked and immediately pressed for fermentation, before being aged in oak barrels sourced from the Limousin and Troncais forests. This process lends the drink a decidedly warm hue. Cognac is matured over decades, and the porosity of the wood helps to ensure that the drink can breathe properly over this period.

Among the most prestigious cognacs offered by this company is the XO, or'extra old', variant. It's matured for far longer than its cousins, which gives it a more complex and flavoursome profile. It's best enjoyed neat after a meal.

Tasting Notes

To begin with, you'll uncover a floral bouquet, which gives way to a hint of spiciness on the palate. It's a rich cognac which carefully balances an array of interesting flavours.

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